What We Offer

Host / DJ Parties

DJs provide entertainment services for various events such as weddings, parties, and corporate functions. They curate playlists, mix music seamlessly, and create an energetic atmosphere to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Wedding DJ

Skilled DJs can offer live wedding remixing/mashup services, taking songs from different genres and seamlessly blending them together which adds a unique and personalized touch to the music, creating a memorable experience for the audience.

Event DJ Services

We are able to offer event and coordination services, assisting clients in organizing the overall flow of the event. This includes creating a timeline, coordinating with other vendors, and ensuring a smooth transition between different parts of the event.

Mobile DJ Services

We like to take our equipment on-the-go so we always are ready for any unexpected disturbances. That means, we unpack, pack up so you don't have to worry about the mess and can focus on your event, party, or wedding.

Lighting / Visuals

We often provide lighting and visual effects to enhance the overall ambiance of the event. This includes LED lighting, laser shows, light bars, spotlights, projections synchronized with the music, and so much more to create visually stunning experiences.

Parties You'll Love

DJs work close with clients to understand their preferences and create customized playlists that suit the theme and mood of the event. This service involves consultations to discuss musical preferences, special requests, and any specific genres or songs that the client wants to include or exclude from the playlist.